My name is Alessandra Lanzagorta, I'm an illustrator based in Mexico, passionate about animation, magic and cats, let's work together!

Contact me:
I’m always looking for freelance and in-studio opportunities, you can drop me an email at
•Freelance illustrator (2018 - Present)
•Character and background designer at Casiopea Animation studio
(Internship June 2021 - December 2021)
•Concept artist at Camille ShortFilm
(January 2022)
•Character designer and Illustrator at Casiopea animation studio (March 2022 -May 2022)
•Illustrator of English learning book readings (Short Project)
•Background artist at Mighty Animation Studio for "The Hospital" for Amazon Prime Video (2022-2024)
•Illustrator at "Cuando sonríes nace una estrella" children's book (2023)
•Freelance background artist at NDA project (2023)
•Background artist at Estampida Studios (2024-Present)
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